A Geographic Opportunistic Forwarding Strategy for Vehicular Named Data Networking

Xuejie Liu(1,2), M. João Nicolau, António Costa, Joaquim Macedo and Alexandre Santos(2)

(1)University of Jilin,China
(2)Universidade do Minho
Centro Algoritmi
Escola de Engenharia
4710-057 Braga, Portugal

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E-mail: xuejie (at) jlu.edu.cn, joao (at) dsi.uminho.pt, {costa, macedo, alex} (at) di.uminho.pt,


Recent advanced intelligent devices enable vehicles to provide and retrieve information while they travel along a road. The store-carry-and-forward paradigm has a better performance in vehicular networks than traditional endto- end communication due to the tolerance of opportunistic forwarding strategy to intermittent connectivity under sparse vehicle density. Named Data Networking (NDN) is an alternative to IP-based networks and is designed for data search and retrieval. Previous studies have shown that named combining data approach and opportunistic forwarding strategy can be applied to information dissemination and retrieval in vehicular network. On account of most applications of vehicular networks taking interest in information about specific geographic location, this paper propose a Geographical Opportunistic Forwarding Protocol (GOFP) to rout vehicle generated Interest Packets (IntPkt) that represent the interest in a specific geographic region and Data Packets (DatPkt) that should be delivered to target consumer vehicle in Vehicle Named Data Networking (V-NDN). The proposed protocol supports a store-carry-andforward paradigm, and the geographic information of area of interest and the trajectories of vehicles are used in forwarding decision. Then paper also describes the implementation of GOFP in the ONE Simulator. Simulation results show that GOFP reduces significantly the amount of forwarded packets, also delivery delay when compared to other unicast opportunistic forwarding strategies in V-NDN.

International Workshop on Future Internet and Smart Networks, FI&SN'2015, Guimaraes, Portugal, 7-9 Oct, 2015