Improving QoS Guarantees through Implicit AC

Solange Lima, Pedro Sousa and Paulo Carvalho

Universidade do Minho
Departamento de Informática
P-4710-057 Braga, Portugal

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In multiservice networks, admission control (AC) is a convenient means of assuring high quality communications by safeguarding enough availability for customer traffic. This can be particularly useful to preserve the quality of services such as IP telephony and video conferencing, and to ensure acceptable throughput to elastic flows. This paper tackles the problematic of performing implicit AC in multiservice networks, pointing out a flexible yet simple to deploy solution for controlling flows which do not explicitly send signaling admission requests. This allows to complement the explicit AC case, widening the ability to integrate services and applications in a transparent way. The versatility and self-adaptability of the proposed distributed AC criteria in ensuring the quality of multiple services is also proved.

NOMS 2008, Salvador, Bahia, Brasil, Abril 2008