The Computer Communications and Networks (CCN) Group is a research and teaching group of the Department of Informatics in the School of Engineering of the University of Minho.

The Group was organised in 1975, the University's inaugural year. It has since contributed extensively to the development of the Department and to the introduction of graduate and postgraduate courses in Informatics Engineering in the country.

The Computer Communications and Networks (CCN) Group played a major role in the pioneer establishment of the first Portuguese National Research Network and had a primordial role in connecting Portugal to the global Internet.

The group teaches undergraduate and postgraduate courses, in both Master's and Doctoral's School programmes, covering a broad set of fundamental and advanced topics in computer networks and networking technologies.

Current research interests, within FCT Research Unit Centro Algoritmi, include the engineering, test and deployment of QoS-aware network solutions to support emerging applications both in wired and wireless environments. Positions are available for postgraduate students and postdoctoral candidates willing to joint current research projects.

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