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Personal Data
Name: Pedro Nuno Miranda de Sousa
Address: Departamento de Informática, Universidade do Minho,
4710-057 Braga, Portugal
Phone: +351 253 604436  Fax: +351 253 604471


Assistant Professor at:
Computer Communications Group,
Informatics Department,
  Scholl of Engineering
  University of Minho

Research Activities at:
  Centro Algoritmi
  Scholl of Engineering
  University of Minho

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My Colleagues:
From Computer Communications Group
From Algoritmi R&D Center
From multidisciplinar projects:
Miguel Rio
Miguel Rocha
Paulo Cortez

Additional Info:
Pedro Sousa graduated in Systems and Informatics Engineering at the  University of Minho, Portugal, in 1995. He obtained a MSc Degree (1997) and a PhD Degree (2005), both in Computer Science, at the same University. In 1996, he joined the Computer Communications Group of the Department of Informatics at  University of Minho, where he is an Assistant Professor and performs his research activities within the Algoritmi R&D Center.

His main research interests are in the area of Computer  Networking: TCP/IP Protocols, Quality of Service (QoS), Traffic Engineering, P2P Applications, Mobility in IP networks, Software Defined Networking (SDN),  Cloud Technologies, Network/Services Optimization. The researcher is also currently involved in some multidisciplinary projects in the field of Intelligent Systems for Network Optimization.


Some research projects in which I was involved

See the following Specialized Curricula Units:
 Tecnologias e Protocolos de Infraestrutura
 Engenharia de Redes e Serviços
 Integrating the postgraduate programmes:
Mestrado em Informática
 Mestrado em Redes e Serviços de Comunicações (MERSCOM)

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