Enabling self-adaptive QoE/QoS control

Solange Rito Lima, Paulo Carvalho

Universidade do Minho, Departamento de Informática
P-4710-057 Braga, Portugal

Tel.: +351 253 604432
Fax.: +351 253 604471
E-mail: solange at di.uminho.pt


Handling quality requirements of multimedia services and the expectations of end-users regarding the perceived service quality is currently a major issue for service providers in order to sustain service diversity and improve competitiveness. In this context, this paper presents ongoing work toward a service-oriented architecture for QoE/QoS evaluation and control, which can be deployed to assist the provision of multi-constrained services. Considering the users' QoE perspective and the negotiated service levels, the architecture lays on per service class online monitoring to assist self-adaptive control of multimedia flows entering the network. To perform online monitoring, a distributed and versatile QoS monitoring tool oriented to multiservice networks is proposed. Preliminary results shows that the presented control strategy is  effective in providing consistent quality levels to heterogeneous services.

The 36th Annual IEEE Conference on Local Computer Networks (LCN 2011), October, Germany 2011.