International Workshop on

Future Internet and Smart Networks

CFP FI&SN'2015

Future Internet is a very meaningful name for the real evolution of Internet technology nowadays. Internet should no longer mean the concept of having a desktop or portable computer, or even a smartphone, connected to plenty other of such systems, servers, or to the cloud.

Future Internet is to be the place where smart objects, smart phones, smart vehicles, computers, grids, clouds, cities, etc, are to be interconnected using dynamic and evolving intelligent network solutions. Underlying this possibility of everything being interconnected, being able to ubiquitously send and receive data, big data, and exchange useful information, there should be high-speed broadband links to enable smart network solutions.

Paper acceptance and publication will be judged on the basis of their relevance to the "Future Internet and Smart Networks" themes, clarity of presentation, originality and accuracy of results and proposed solutions.

The Workshop on "Future Internet and Smart Networks" welcomes submissions of original research papers on all aspects of future Internet, ranging from concepts and theoretical developments to advanced networking technologies and innovative applications.

All papers accepted for publication in this Workshop will be published in the IDC'2015 proceedings edited by Springer in the Computational Intelligence Series.

Extended versions of the best papers accepted and presented at this Workshop may be considered for publication in a Special Issue of an internationally recognised journal. Topics include, although are not limited to those listed bellow.

  • Workshop Topics

    • Networking Solutions for Smart Cities
    • Collaborative and Smart Vehicular Networks
    • Intelligent Transport Systems
    • Collaborative Mobile and Ad-Hod Networks
    • Distributed Network Management
    • Software Defined Networks and Cloud Services
    • Automated Network and Services Management

    Workshop Topics (cont.)

    • Energy-aware networking solutions
    • Internet of Things for Connected Smart Objects
    • Collaborative Networks in e-education and e-learning
    • Security and Trust in Social Networks
    • Game Theory based systems for Trust and Security
    • Security and Trust Management in P2P and DTN systems
    photo for FI&SN'2015