XML Service Level Specification and Validation

Pedro Alípio, Solange Lima, Paulo Carvalho

Universidade do Minho
Departamento de Informática
P-4710-057 Braga, Portugal

Tel.: +351 253 604430
Fax.: +351 253 604471
E-mail: {solange,pmc} (at) di.uminho.pt


This paper addresses the problem of formalizing Service Level Specifications (SLSs) as a first step to simplify and automate the configuration and management of multiservice IP networks. A formal representation of SLSs will allow their automatic validation and processing, fostering the dynamic negotiation of SLSs and the interoperability among service management entities. In this way, taking advantage of XML extensibility and portability, a Schema is presented describing XML SLSs sections and their contents. In addition, an XML validator tool was built to check if SLSs are correctly specified. An XML SLS for an IP telephony service is used to exemplify this proposal expressiveness.

10th IEEE Symposium on Computers and Communications (ISCC 2005), Cartagena, Spain, Jun 27-30, 2005